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Ohio DUI Checkpoint Rt 585... Doylestown Ohio

Discussion in 'Checkpoint & Roadblock Information: State by State' started by YouTube, Jun 20, 2013.

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    DUI Checkpoint Rt 585... Doylestown Ohio

    Published on May 18, 2013


    Friday night our deputies teamed up with the Ohio Highway Patrol and the Doylestown police to conduct a sobriety checkpoint at the intersection of SR 585 and Gates St. This event began at 8PM and concluded at midnight.
    The operation netted five intoxicated drivers, four drug offenses (one a felony) and two warrant arrest.

    It is worth mentioning that the intoxicated drivers were arrested BEFORE they were involved in a crash.

    This video will provide you with an overview of the operation.

    From: waynecountysheriff

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  2. M

    M Muckraker Staff Member

    "Two warrant arrest"? Illegal ID checks without probable cause?

    Might just have run the plates, but one still has to wonder.
  3. steve h

    steve h Guest

    The script they are using is good, I wouldn't ask for the the ins. though, they aren't cking licenses for warrants which every good operational plan I've ever read tells the troopers not to ck licenses unless there is a RAS that the license is not valid, counterfeit or tampered with. With a ckpoint like this I would expect the troopers to arrest maybe .25 of 1% of the drivers passing through for impaired driving. Complete waste of time and money, and manpower and they are just ignoring the majority of impaired drivers by standing around doing the DUI checkpoint kabuki dance.

    Notice how the spokesperson tells the reporter, that one of the main goals of the roadblock is to "educate", so that if an attorney challenges the roadblock later by letting the judge know that 1000 cars were detained and zero impaired drivers were arrested thereby violating one of the main goals of the Mich. vs. Sitz, which said that the jurisdiction has to weigh the results over other more non-intrusive ways of combating the issue of drunk driving. Obviously, wolf-pack patrols, and just normal patrols when the officers use a RAS to stop the car rather than everyone, is much more non-intrusive and more effective.

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