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Alabama DNA Roadblocks: You Give BLOOD, They Take FREEDOM!

Discussion in 'Checkpoint & Roadblock Information: State by State' started by YouTube, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Daily Caller: Off-duty cops collect DNA samples at Alabama roadblocks (June 10 2013)

    Off-duty cops in two counties in Alabama spent the weekend collecting saliva and blood samples from drivers at roadblocks. According to Lt. Freddie Turrentine with the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department, drivers were asked to voluntarily offer samples of their saliva and blood for a study being conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation ... Turrentine said that St. Clair County had five roadblocks from Friday afternoon through the early morning hours of Sunday. He added that Bibb County also had roadblocks of this kind.
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    WFSA: AL Gov. orders investigation after DNA, blood samples collected at roadblocks (June 10 2013)

    Alabama Governor Robert Bentley's office reacted Tuesday to news that roadblocks were setup in two counties at which point commuters were offered compensation for saliva and blood samples. Drivers in St. Clair and Bibb counties were stopped at roadblocks in the area and were asked to give DNA and blood samples as part of a study. Officials say giving samples was voluntary and participants were paid $10 for mouth swabs and $50 for blood samples ... "We'll do everything we can to get to the bottom of the issue and make sure that the rights of our citizens are protected, " Gov. Bentley said.
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    AL.com: Why were roadblocks in St. Clair and Bibb counties asking for blood and DNA samples this weekend? (June 12 2013)

    St. Clair and Bibb county authorities are confirming there were roadblocks at several locations in their counties Friday and Saturday asking for blood and DNA samples. However, the samples were voluntary and motorists were paid for them as part of a study, they said.
    According to Lt. Freddie Turrentine of the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department, it isn't the first time such roadblocks have occurred in the area.

    "They were here in 2007," said Turrentine, the supervisor in charge of the roadblocks, which took place in several locations in St. Clair County Friday night, early Saturday morning and Saturday night and early Sunday morning. "It's just with social media and Facebook now, word of it has just exploded."

    Turrentine said the roadblocks were part of a study conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. St. Clair County was asked to participate by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs because it had worked with the group six years ago.

    Sheriff Keith Hannah in Bibb County said they too had previously participated in the study.

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